It is very impossible to reduce the number of age that we have right now and it is out of this world to change your first just to look young because of the possible side effects that you can get from those surgeries and machines that you are going to have. Others would just settle themselves using the natural ways and try keeping their hobbies and habits in a healthier manner like using the carbon 60 olive oil to give their face a natural look and avoid those signs of aging that can keep them from facing every time that they need to go out of the house. Others would not think about their age as it is just a number but people should know as well that as time that we are getting older, this is the time as well that we need to pay more attention to our body and to the things that we are doing to our health.  

There are many ways that you can do to stay younger and you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to look better and have the right skin for yourself. It is a matter of knowing what is right and what is wrong and following the advice and suggestions of the doctors or those people who are giving you some great recommendations.  

You need to protect your skin by applying the right sunscreen as it would help to block the unpleasant effects of the sun rays and you can put some on your skin like the face or to your limbs. It is nice if you would consider wearing longer sleeves and a hat to cover your face as wearing the SPF lotion would not mean that you are already safe as it is just a helping agent not to have the worst effect of the radiation. This is best when you go to the beach as the sunshine is so bright and you know what would be the effect of it to your health and this is not applicable to old people only but for everyone in order to avoid the skin cancer and the possibility of burring your skin which could give you a burning sensation after a few hours of staying under the sun.  

Others are having some sensitive type of skin so they need to use the natural remedy or lotion which doesn’t contain too much chemicals as it would irritate their skin so much. Most of the women would try to wash their faces every morning and, in the evening, to make sure that the oil and the dirt would be removed and some would even use the milder type of soap so that it won’t be harsh to their skin. It is a wonderful thing that you are going to add the moisturizing cream to your face before going to bed so that it would be very soft and clear. Of course, you need to sleep earlier and eat plenty of fruits.